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Over 50,000 Snapchatters are facing “phishing attacks”!

Avatar Written by Nimra Puri ·  1 min read >
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Snapchat is under a Phishing attack from last July, which the company believes is co-related with the Dominica Republic. The attacks were disclosed, when recently the government of Dorset in the United Kingdom provided information to the Snapchat about a recent attack on the company’s users.

A website named is involved in phishing, as they have a list of 55,851 Snapchat accounts along with their passwords and usernames.

The process of phishing is said to be happening when hackers make a fake template for the official website of any company. Similarly, hackers made a fake website template designed to mimic Snapchat login page, when a user puts his/her information their, the phishing starts happening from that point forward.

The Snapchat spokesperson commented on this attack, “We are very sorry when anyone is tricked by phishing. While we can’t prevent people from sharing their Snapchat credentials with third parties, we do have advanced defenses to detect and prevent suspicious activity. We encourage Snapchatters to always use strong passwords, enable login Verification, and never use third-party apps or plugins.”

The company has been taking many precautionary measurements to make the user’s account safer. After Snapchat had come to know about the attack, the company blocked thousands of suspicious accounts and also with the help of Google they blocked website which believed to be involved in this whole Phishing attack. The website will no longer appear in search results and it has been flagged as a harmful site for people.

Snapchat is still unaware about the timing when this all phishing started and seems like it is difficult to analyze when this will be stopping in future but a small fraction of Snapchat’s 187 million active users has been compromised. Meanwhile, the company had reset passwords for most of the users who have been under phishing attack.