How to buy or sell Bitcoins in Pakistan?

In our last article, we answered, what are Bitcoins? How are they created? And where they can be used?...

Aug 10 ·>

If you had invested 1 lakh in Bitcoins 5 years ago, it would be worth Rs 2.5 crore now

Bitcoin’s rise has been meteoric. At the day of its inception, you could buy as many as 1,300 bitcoins...

Aug 9 ·>

What is Blockchain?

In our earlier discussion about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you might have come across Blockchain word, and you might have...

Aug 8 ·>

What are Bitcoins?

In the previous discussion, I talked about cryptocurrencies in general and I also promised to discuss Bitcoins. It is...

Aug 7 ·>

Hackers withdraw $142,000 worth of bitcoin ransom

WannaCry hackers have withdrawn more than $142,000 worth of bitcoins, which were collected as a ransom through the cyber...

Bitcoin is now split into two

Bitcoin is now split into two: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This event happened when a section of its community...


Bitcoin’s price to rise again

Over the past year, the rate of the digital currency has risen up to almost 290 percent. As of now...


Pakistani hospital becomes first in Asia to accept digital coins

Abid Hospital becomes Pakistan’s first hospital to accept Pakcoin – Pakistan’s first digital currency or cryptocurrency. It is the...

This $400 tiny computer lets you mine unlimited bitcoins

This tiny box lets you mine Bitcoins. And that is not even the best thing it does. One shouldn’t...

Utah Software Engineer Mints Physical Bitcoins