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Microsoft Edge to Get a Crypto Wallet Feature Soon

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Microsoft Edge
The unreleased crypto wallet feature is said to have a password alongside a recovery method incase a user loses their password

After months of bad news for the crypto industry, Microsoft is out with a refreshing one. The tech giant just recently reported that it has been working on integrating a crypto wallet feature into the Microsoft Edge browser.

Once launched officially, users will be able to store their crypto currencies and NFT’s within the Edge browser, while also being able to pay and receive funds.

While crypto wallet and NFT related features have already been offered by different browsers, this is the first time a mega corporation such as Microsoft is taking up a crypto focused project. With Microsoft showing interest in the crypto industry, we might see an increased amount of trust and a significant market growth as the feature releases.

The feature was first spotted by a Twitter user named Albacore, the feature is currently under development and is open for testers.

According to information mentioned by Microsoft in the feature’s main page, the crypto wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means that no third-party (in this case Microsoft), will be involved in the ownership of the wallet.

Coming secured with a password and recovery method, the Microsoft Edge crypto wallet will be integrated alongside Edge’s current wallet that deals in cash payments.

Crypto users trust the creators of their wallets with assets worth well over thousands, making trust and security a big factor of selection. It’s reported that Microsoft is working on adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) into its 365 Cloud productivity platform, which will go on to make its security even better.

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