Pakistan can greatly profit from Norwegian expertise in automobile & other sectors: Envoy

Per Albert Ilsaas, the Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan said Norway possesses outstanding knowledge in automobiles, information technology, and renewable...

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Aug 22 ·>

US seeks to finalize rules limiting sensitive tech exports to other countries including China

As reported by Reuters, the US Commerce Department is in the process of finalizing a piece of legislation that...

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Dec 19 ·>

Pakistan’s IT & ITES export likely to cross $5 billion by 2020

Pakistan’s IT and ITES exports are expected to exceed $5 billion by the year 2020. It is expected that...

May 22 ·>

IT exports growth rate jumped to 125% over the last five years, Anusha Rehman

Anusha Reman, Federal Minister for Information and Technology said that Pakistan has entered the era of digitization through revolution,...

May 17 ·>

Pakistan’s exports declined by 12% in the past year

As we head into the new fiscal year, Pakistan has seen a sharp decline in the country’s exports. The...

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Jul 16 ·>