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OpenAI Is Preparing ChatGPT To Replace Software Engineers

OpenAI has efficiently hired hundreds of international contractors to help in the coding process.  The company is planning to...

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Feb 2 · >

Top 10 Game Changing Effective Use Cases Of ChatGPT 2023

ChatGPT is an innovative tool created by OpenAI. The purpose behind it is to improve the conventional capabilities of...

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020: Rust is the most loved programming language, VBA the most dreaded

Stack Overflow’s annual survey of programming languages and developers is in, and it brings us some very interesting results....

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Here are the top 10 nerdiest jokes told by some high on tech programmers

Reddit is an interesting community. You can expect to find thoughtful discussions, informative threads and even jokes all at...

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What would Donald Trump be like if he was a programming language?

Like programming? Know about Donald Trump, the American politician and republican presidential candidate that everyone loves to talk about?...

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