Here is a data driven prediction of when COVID-19 will end across the world

Taha Abdullah • April 29, 2020

This shape-shifting material by MIT can replicate human faces

Tehreem Farooqi • January 6, 2020

Huawei wants to move US research center to Canada

Taha Abdullah • December 4, 2019

MIT researchers build a neural network to reproduce clear images from blurred images and videos

Taha Abdullah • October 20, 2019

Fawad Ch forms five advisory boards for research in technology and other sectors

Faisal Saeed • June 21, 2019

Researchers have made a lizard-like robot from a 280-million year old fossil

Shaheryar Ehsan • January 18, 2019

Do you own an iPhone? If yes, you’re rich, research reveals

Shehryar Ahmed • July 9, 2018

This Pakistani scientist just achieved a cancer research breakthrough

Aqsa Khunshan • July 3, 2018

Facebook is planning to fix your close-eyed photos by using AI

Talha Saqib • June 21, 2018

MIT scientists intentionally made a psychopathic AI from Reddit images

Talha Saqib • June 7, 2018

Taking photos harms ability to remember the actual subject, research

Talha Saqib • June 3, 2018

AI can beat doctors in diagnosing skin cancer, report

Aqsa Khunshan • May 30, 2018
Chinees eCommerce giant, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is going to invest $15 billion to develop overseas research hubs for different innovative platforms.

Alibaba Group to invest $15b to build Research hubs for various Technology platforms

Sajeel Syed • October 11, 2017

HEC being given Rs. 91 billion for promoting research and higher education

Maryam Dodhy • August 18, 2016

HEC announces Technology Development Fund, applications are now open!

Maryam Dodhy • August 2, 2016