Fawad Ch forms five advisory boards for research in technology and other sectors

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  58 sec read >

The science and technology minister Fawad Ch has formed five advisory boards to perform research and coordinate the use of technology in different sectors in Pakistan. Fawad Ch announced the forming of these boards in a Tweeter post on Wednesday.

The boards formed by the minister are named as technology in agriculture, health, education, alternative energy, and future technologies. All of these boards include highly qualified, top experts in their respective fields. Fawad has said that the purpose behind forming these boards is to “streamline all research in particular areas and showcase the technologies so that end user may benefit”

Moreover, he tweeted, “All research and technology will be available on web portals so if anyone wants to know what’s going on his/her area of interest he/she can easily access the data and technology”.

After taking the position as the Sci-tech minister Fawad Ch has been continuously in the news for making several changes in different sectors in Pakistan. Fawad Ch earlier this year launched a moon sighting website and calendar, with dates of all the important Islamic events in Pakistan, which sparked quite a massive controversy in the country. Also, he has made a few controversial statements over the past few months.

But the formation of these board will surely help to bring technological advancements in the country in all of the important sectors in Pakistan.