Over 40% Singaporeans Own Crypto:Survey Shows

Singapore: Cryptocurrency adoption in Singapore has reached higher levels since 2021. The rise of the digital world has taken...

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Apr 3 · >

Singapore Users Can Enjoy Local Bank Transfers At No Cost

Singapore: Singapore cryptocurrency users can now enjoy local bank transfers free of cost. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase enables customers to...

Mar 16 · >

Singapore’s 15 Fastest Growing Jobs: As Per LinkedIn

LinkedIn revealed the data which shows the rise in jobs that help companies digitise and grow and economic volatility...

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Jan 23 · >

How Singapore Education System is Better Than Pakistan’s

Singapore produces one of the most competitive OECD PISA students and has also ranked number 1 a few times...

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Oct 1 · >

This smartphone app offers mini check-ups ‘in just 45 seconds’

That’s right: you can use your smartphone to determine your heart rate, oxygen levels, and even you stress levels...

Feb 24 · >

Singapore announces plans to launch a wearable device to track coronavirus patients

Singapore officially announced its plans on Friday to launch a wearable device that will allow the government to trace...

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Jun 5 · >

Google Wifi comes to Asia

Tech company Google is always bringing new products for its users across the globe. Now it has launched its...

Aug 30 · >