Take this free online Artificial Intelligence course that only requires basic math skills

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The Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence(AI) is offering this free online course. The course is designed by Finland’s University of Heisinki and Reaktor which is a tech strategy company. The course is offered in collaboration with and Open University.

The course duration is six weeks but you are also given an option to complete the course at your own pace. For this course, you will be required to finish 90% of the exercises and if 60% of the exercises are right, you will get credits.
The course is ideal for you if you are looking for something to do in summer holidays.

This AI learning adventure will provide you deep insight into intelligence and its connection to technology and engineering. Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence helps in imparting human intelligence into robots. Once you learn how human brain works then you can design intelligent working robots. Who knows the next best robot in the world is waiting for you to learn about AI and be designed by you. Even if you are just looking for a job right now, this course will help you stand out from other candidates.

The three major reasons you should be taking this course is that it offers a simple sign up process, is absolutely free and will provide you an edge over other candidates during your job hunt.

This comprehensive course has six parts and every chapter has 3 sections to give you a detailed understanding of AI by the end of this course.


If you are hesitant to take this course because you are alien to concepts of coding or programming as you plan to study these in future but haven’t been introduced to it yet, do not worry, the course only demands you to have basic math skills.

So, if you are willing to take this course, sign up here.

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