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‘Talks@PTCL’ – a new initiative on Digital front!

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a team of the best and brightest minds to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey or help you make your mark as a professional leader? It would certainly be. Although there are different ways to get updated on the latest trends and management principles from industry experts, but the most effective medium is to hear from them directly. When they are in the spotlight and communicating their success stories, we can really witness their determination, focus, and success.

With access to the latest technology, online libraries, and the internet, acquiring knowledge has somewhat become easier. However, the real challenge is associating with people when you talk to them. You have to share your success or struggle by baring your soul and talking from your heart for others to reap benefits and be truly inspired. You need to engage with the audience and get to their level of understanding to make the right connection.

We recently experienced ‘Talks@PTCL’ that is a new initiative taken by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) on the Digital front. It is a series of talks for capacity building, knowledge sharing and thought leadership. The talks are quite diverse as leading industry professionals and entrepreneurs, who are experts on technology & business, entrepreneurship & startups, culture, arts, and entertainment will be delivering the talks to students from different universities, customers, industry professionals, along with company employees.

In my opinion, Talks@PTCL is one of the key initiatives taken by the national company for deeper connection with the youth of Pakistan by publishing these videos on their social media channels. The creative idea is that different speakers deliver different talks, with ideas worth sharing with the audience. This initiative not only makes you a better professional but potentially has an impact on you personally as well.

The first session kicked-off at PTCL headquarters in Islamabad, where speakers from diverse backgrounds spoke at the event. These include Badar Khushnood, former Country Head, Google Pakistan, Yusuf Hussain, CEO, Ignite, a government organization that works on nurturing and developing budding startups and Aban Haq, Head of Innovation, Karandaaz, a non-profit working towards a financially included, economically empowered Pakistan.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Talks@PTCL and discover its true essence.

Speaking on the Magical Moment of e-Commerce, Badar Khushnood talked about the current e-Commerce industry in Pakistan and how it has a great impact on e-Commerce such as Daraz, Alibaba, Careem, etc. He emphasized that the e-Commerce landscape is continuously expanding in Pakistan and how showing support for e-Commerce ventures in the country will lead to growth, success and economic stability in Pakistan. With his versatile experience in the field, he motivated the young audience to learn from the success stories of giant e-Commerce businesses and grab the opportunity to make a career for themselves in the same field.

Yusuf Hussain, a seasoned professional got a chance to speak on Supporting Startups through Incubation Centers themed around Innovation. He encouraged the students and young professionals, who are at the start of their careers to have creative ideas and think out of the box. He also talked about the fourth industrial revolution in the field of medical sciences, digital & online space, steam engines, electricity and IT to re-affirm his message on being innovative. He advised the youth to take advantage of the new technology and opportunities presented in the field of Artificial Intelligence and ponder upon the idea of how multinationals are using it in today’s world to make a difference.

Talking on Startups and how they drive growth, Aban Haq believes that startups are crucial for a country like Pakistan and a big driving factor for economic growth. She touched upon the economy of Pakistan and the problems it faces. She then went on to explain how startups are integral in resolving several of those problems, be it structural issues, lack of competitiveness in the international market, and low job opportunities. This talk was essential for the youth to understand that, not only is starting a startup a viable option, it is also the need of an hour.

We are sure that the audience did not leave without gaining some key learnings and motivated to challenge themselves and be on the next level, where one day they would themselves be standing on the podium addressing the next generation.

What made these Talks unique is that they’re not just about business and marketing tips you might find elsewhere, in fact, they are about the personal experiences and success stories of the speakers. They actually developed soft skills like being a good listener, inculcate motivational spirit & teamwork, ability to embrace change, building trust and showing empathy. The best part is that there is something in the Talks for every individual, be it startups, students, employees or professionals. In the end, we are eager to see and experience more such sessions from PTCL and other national & multinational companies in Pakistan.

Written by TechJuice
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