Teenager accidentally kills boyfriend while making YouTube video

Maha Khan Written by Maha Khan · 1 min read>

In unexpected turns of events, a teenager has accidentally killed her boyfriend while trying to do a dangerous shooting stunt for the YouTube video.

19-year-old Monalisa Perez from Norman County, Minnesota has been charged with manslaughter after she accidentally shot her 22-year boyfriend Pedro Ruiz in the chest while making a YouTube video for the couple’s vlog.

Monalisa was arrested, Monday night after a call made to 911 to report the accident.

Monalisa and Pedro started a YouTube channel back in March name La MonaLisa. The purpose of the channel was to showcase the real life of a young couple who happened to be teen parents.

They had uploaded several videos on their YouTube channel which involved pranks, stunts and challenges, featuring her and her boyfriend Pedro. Some of the videos also featured their 3-year-old daughter as well.

The last video uploaded on their channel was titled “Doing scary stunts at the fair”. The video was uploaded on Monday, the same day Pedro was accidentally shot died by Monalisa.

Monalisa had told the authorities that the stunt that got Pedro killed was his idea and that he had been trying to convince her for a while to shoot him while he held a book to his chest.

She even tweeted about it on Twitter saying it was his idea, not mine.
screenshot of Tweet
Monalisa said that Pedro had eventually convinced her of the stunt but at the time of the shooting he had used a different book which did not withhold the bullet. The bullet was fired from a foot away.

The gun used was a 50-caliber Desert Eagle firearm which was recovered by the authorities from the grass near the house. Pedro has set up two cameras. A GoPro and another camera on a ladder nearby to record the stunt. Both the cameras have been taken by the authorities as evidence to be used in the investigation.

The aunt of the victim had said that her nephew told her he wanted to do the stunt to gain more views on their channel.
“He had told me about that idea and I said, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Why are you going to use a gun? Why?'” said Pedro’s aunt.

Monalisa has been released from jail on a $7,000 bail and is to appear back in court on the 5th of July with a public defender. The charges she faces might result in a maximum of 10 years in prison.