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Apple to abandon Touch ID for Facial Recognition, Reports

Apple may abandon Touch ID, its fingerprint recognition software, for a new facial recognition one. These claims have been...

Jul 4 ·>

Teenager accidentally kills boyfriend while making YouTube video

In unexpected turns of events, a teenager has accidentally killed her boyfriend while trying to do a dangerous shooting...

Jun 30 ·>

People will work only 4 hours a day in the next 30 years, Founder Alibaba

The founder of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba says that people will not work for more than 4 hours...

Jun 23 ·>
Jack Ma

10 new earth like planets discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope

NASA has recently announced the discovery of 10 new Earth-like rocky planets orbiting in their star’s habitable zone. The...

Jun 20 ·>

Study shows Hack-Proof communication to be achieved using Quantum-Entanglement

In quantum mechanics when linked particles remain connected even when they’re separated by large distances, they become entangled. In...

Jun 19 ·>

Facebook Brings the GIF Button for comments to all users

Get ready to see a load of animations in your comments section. To mark the 30th anniversary of the...

Jun 15 ·>

The latest iPhone will be waterproof and have wireless charging

The new iPhone reportedly will have the long awaited waterproofing and wireless charging. This was confirmed by Wistron, iPhone...

Jun 15 ·>

Motorola to reveal the Moto Z2 in June 2017

June is turning out to be Motorola’s month. The Lenovo owned Company has recently announced the Moto Z2 Play...

Jun 14 ·>

Rise in Xiaomi Smartphone shipments in Q2 of 2017

Xiaomi has had a great Q1 of 2017 where it has sold around 13 million units. The company is...

Jun 14 ·>

Motorola announces two new entry-level smartphones

Motorola has just announced two new budget smartphones, the Moto E4, and the E4 plus. While both the devices...

Jun 13 ·>