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The most attractive company to work for business students is a tech company

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A research firm surveyed more than 100,000 business students for their favorite companies to work at and, somewhat surprisingly, most of them want to work at a technology company!

Universum, a branding agency, has compiled a research based on the input of over 265,000 millennials (including 130,935 business students). They have managed to conclude that Google, one of the biggest tech brands in the world, is also the most attractive company to work for Engineering and IT students. However, the more interesting thing they found was that the search giant also came out on top for business students.

Google is one of the favorite places to work at for people all across the globe. The wonderful campuses, incredibly employee perks and sheer grandeur of the “Google brand” are some of the highlights that have made it such a favorite. It may be tech company but being such a giant, it needs a lot of business-minded individuals as well.


The rest of the list, although dominated by business firms, still featured prominent tech company names like Apple (second) and Microsoft (seventh).

The data for this research was collected over a one year period from 12 of the world’s largest economies, including the United States, United Kingdom, China, and India. It also asked students what they were looking for in a job. Apart from the usual perks like salary, benefits, and financial incentives, over half of them chose a good work-life balance as a big influence in their decision-making.

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