The number of users who joined Instagram last year is more than the total users of Snapchat

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August 9, 2018
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Snapchat and Twitter are losing the users whereas Facebook is gaining users despite the biggest Cambridge data controversy which shockingly did not affect the user base of the social media giant.

And not just Facebook, all the apps owned by Facebook i.e Instagram and WhatsApp have significantly gained users in the past year. The users added to Facebook and the apps it owns were more than the total user base of Sanpchat i.e 188 million.

Snapchat, the most popular app amongst teenagers got a lot of criticism after the app went through a design overhaul.
The app lost 3M users in the last three months after its redesign.

Instagram secured the highest number of users amongst all other apps. Even though Snapchat added 15M users over the last year and Twitter added the lowest number of users i.e 9M as compared to other social media apps.

Snapchat is popular amongst the teens and not other age groups only and maybe that is the reason for less number of users joining the app.

The number of users joining Twitter since 2015 has been very slow. Twitter reached a user base of 302 million in 2015. While after the second quarter of 2018, the number of users was reported to be 335 million.

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