The Train In China Runs Through The Middle Of A-19 Storey Apartment

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China: The transit station within a 19-story building enables a train to pass through is an innovation that is reasonably accessible for the residents

The train comes on the sixth or eighth floor; therefore, residents must rush to catch the Chongqing Rail Transport No.2 at Liziba Station.

Chongqing, known as “Mountain City” because of having many tall buildings, is home to 49 million people in a range of 31,000 square miles

Therefore, engineers have to be very creative to produce such ways that accommodate every individual
China: the fastest country to adopt new technologies and product innovations in almost every field. Getting to work early in this hustle and bustle life may include a trip to the metro station to catch the train to the office.

Therefore, Chongqing devised an idea to facilitate its citizens by providing the latest technology at their doorstep.
The transit station, an intelligent creation within a 19-story building that a train goes through, makes it convenient for residents to catch the train and save their precious time.

Residents must reach the sixth or eighth floor to catch the Chongqing Rail Transport No.2 at Liziba Station. The city is home to 49 million people, with a range of 31,000 square miles. Therefore, city engineers and railway authorities have to come up with ideas that will make things easy for their citizens.


In addition, the city was so packed with construction in 2004 when Chongqing was establishing a new rail line, the transit authority had to face a choice, either find a workaround or tear down the apartment complex.

Therefore, the authorities decided to build a station that passes through a building rather than going above, below, or around the apartments.

According to people, such a decision would drive down that area’s housing price. In contrast, according to Odditty Central, the reverse has been confirmed, “The station located in the building has increased the price of apartments because it makes public transportation so easily accessible.”

Moreover, the best part of the rail line is that it doesn’t create noise pollution since the train is only projected to produce about 60 decibels of noise during its transit.

Back in 2004, when it was opened, municipal transport spokesperson Yuan Cheng noted, “our city is very heavily built upon, which can make finding room for roads, and railway lines a real challenge. Sometimes there isn’t room on the ground, so we must think about going under, or over”.

“People wanted to get around quickly in a city as fast-paced as this. Extending the railway line this way was a gamble, but it paid off”.

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