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These 33 countries have better mobile internet than WiFi

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While a general assumption exists that a WiFi connection is better than the data network connection but in these 33 countries, it is the exact opposite. OpenSignal conducted a study and they concluded that mobile internet speeds were far better than WiFi in 33 countries around the world. Their studies prove that mobile networks are no longer inferior to WiFi connections and they are now faster and more reliable due to advanced and sophisticated bands being used by telecom operators.

The assumption that WiFi is better than mobile data has started in the 2G era when the first iPhone was launched and that time, this assumption was pretty much valid. However with the advent of 4G/LTE and now the upcoming 5G bands, it is safe to say that the tables are turned. Given below is a list of countries where differences in speed go as far as 10Mbps too:

As you can see, there is a huge 13Mbps speed difference between mobile internet and WiFi connections in Australia. Whereas in Pakistan, there is a 2Mbps difference in speeds which is not a lot but just enough to give mobile internet connections the trump card.

Even in countries like Qatar, UAE, and France, there is a noticeable speed difference between WiFi and data networks. A better comparison, however, would have been in regards to the reliability of speeds and the cost per Mbps as well as the amount of data being provided.

You can view the full report here.

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