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These Smart Diapers Will Send a Notification Each Time Your Baby Needs a Change

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Smart Diapers
Developed by researchers from the Penn State University, these smart diapers have built-in sensors that can detect when a diaper needs changing

If you are a parent, you know the struggle of having to constantly check if your little one needs a change, but developers from the Pennsylvania State University have made this easier by developing smart diapers that can detect when your child needs a change.

But how does it do so? Well these smart diapers contain a series of built-in sensors that detect and notify you anytime your little one goes about his business.

These smart diapers are made from a paper that has been pre-treated with sodium chloride (salt) and contain a circuit board outline. This circuit board outline is traced with graphite, which is then attached to a tiny lithium battery.

“Once the diaper gets wet, the graphite reacts with the liquid and sodium chloride and, as it’s absorbed by the paper, electrons will flow to the graphite to set off a sensor,” said researchers while describing the products.

But what if the diaper hasn’t really reached a changing point? How can a user know that? Well, these smart diapers also have the ability to tell users about the moisture levels of the diapers, thus helping them know when to change.


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