This AI resume generator is about to make your job search harder

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It has been really hard to get a job with all lay-offs and none of the hirings. This AI resume generator is surely gonna help you make a mark on your potential employer but there is a catch! Yeah, the AI will only put lies on your resume but they will be really interesting and are sure to catch the eye of anyone who looks at it.

Developer Thomas Davis used around 6,000 resumes and modelled the AI on key properties that employers generally look for.

Now, you get an almost infinite supply of fake skills and experiences. It even gives you a new name, contact number, work experiences, personal statement in a variety of schemes.

This is an example of a reference from a previous employer that the AI-generated:

He is always quick to find the best out of the people and is committed to the work more he does. afraid to do so best we managed to be on his own little did, he with our first team.

Thank you, Juan Carlos Carlos Carlos.

As you can see that it isn’t perfect and the developer even admitted that it isn’t quite there but it will create something new that you haven’t thought of. Just make sure if you use this resume, you can own up to any skills that it mentions otherwise you are going to be in a pickle.

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