This app guesses your personality type based on your Reddit history

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It’s always fun taking personality tests, be it an elaborate Myers-Briggs test or a quirky Buzzfeed quiz that tells you what kind of Harry Potter character you resemble. However, what if you had an app that didn’t need any input from you to analyze your personality? What if it could make a fairly accurate guess simply by looking at your Reddit posts?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the MBTI Reddit analysis tool is making waves nowadays for its intriguing way of assessing your personality. It is basically a web app that uses AI to analyze your Reddit post history, before proceeding to tell you your MBTI personality type based on the kind of content you have posted on the platform.

“MBTI personality”, you ask? Yes, if you have ever seen someone describe themselves as an INFP or an ENTP on their Instagram or Facebook bios, they are essentially giving you their MBTI personality type.

Fully known as the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, it is essentially a questionnaire that you can complete here. Each question attempts to determine your actions, decisions, and preferences in various scenarios, and your answers are used to determine which of the 16 personality types you fit into best. It is worth mentioning here that, given the kind of flexibility our personalities can have, it shouldn’t be surprising if you get different personality types every couple of years or so!

Therefore, the conventional method of determining your MBTI personality is to take the test. However, the MBTI Reddit analysis tool simply needs to parse through your Reddit posts to do the job for you.

The creators of the tool explained that instead of giving you the exact personality type, the tool gives you a table with all 16 personality types sorted from the most to least likely based on the probabilities calculated by its machine learning algorithm.

MBTI is not an exact science and test results are not always 100% accurate, so the machine learning model is also not going to be 100% precise either,” the creators said. “That’s why instead of giving you the most likely personality result, you’ll always get a table with all 16 personalities sorted from the most to least likely based on the probabilities calculated by our machine learning model.

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