This device translates your thoughts into words, could be in smartphones within five years

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Scientists at the University of California have created an astounding mind-reading machine which they claim translates your thoughts and then turns them into text. The mind-reading device is fully developed now at the University of California, and its workings are being discussed in the Journal of Neural Engineering.

The device can read people’s minds through their brainwaves and then turns those brainwaves into a textual form. The scientists say this machine could lead to an ‘easily-operated’ machine that links up to smartphones in the coming five years.

Such a breakthrough could one-day help handicapped people who struggle to speak, or cannot speak at all, aid patients who suffer from illnesses that don’t allow them to move, to communicate again. The machine could be used as a ‘telepathic typewriter’ that automatically notes down what we are thinking. The researchers claim that the device has an accuracy rate of at least 90% and that it works by interpreting the vowels and consonants in our brain. It analyses and registers the combination of consonants and vowels that we use when we construct sentences in our mind.

The machine has the ability to interprets the sentences we think based on neural signals and that it can translate them into textual form. The scientist leading the study David Moses said that “Given the performance exhibited by [the machine] in this work and its capacity for expansion, we are confident in its ability to serve as a platform for the proposed speech prosthetic device,”

The critics fear that problems will be caused by the device if a secret thought is exposed accidentally. Imagine such circumstances where this may reveal some hugely embarrassing thoughts. It will strike fear into some people because we all have hidden secrets.

What do you think about this mind-reading device? Are you afraid that this might reveal your secret?Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
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