This limited edition Xbox One S for Chainsmokers looks absolutely gorgeous

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Microsoft and DJ duo Chainsmokers have announced a limited edition Xbox One S which will be given to one lucky fan who participates in the competition on Twitter. It’s a colorful console which responds to sound to light up at the top. Microsoft has used a thumbnail-sized USB microprocessor which will handle the sound signal processing and convert them to corresponding light signals. We are talking sixty miniature pixels which will light up the acrylic display to create a colorful pattern.

Microsoft has also announced that they’ll be revealing more custom consoles later on this year as they also finalize the launch of Xbox One X. The consoles will include custom designs for celebrities from music, sports, television, fashion, art and Hollywood. They seem intent to attract customers in any way possible in order to increase sales.

The video below highlights the competition details. You just have to tell them in a tweet why you need the console. So go on, try your luck. Pakistanis, however, can’t participate in the competition but nevertheless, take a look.

Competition Rules

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