This new Gmail feature will auto-complete your sentences

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Since the new announcements in the Google’s I/O developer conference, Google has been adding those new features in the latest update of Gmail. One of those new features was the feature in Gmail known as “Smart Compose”. As the name suggests, this new Smart Compose feature essentially is going to predict text. For example, a normal predictive text feature guesses what word you’re going to say next whereas the Smart Compose will guess what your entire sentence is going to be.

Gmail’s latest feature Smart Compose will vary these predictions to each individual users, based on the information that Google already knows about you. When the feature was announced in Google IO, the company said that the feature would be rolling out to all Gmail users later this month. So if you have been patiently waiting to take the advantage of the feature, the wait is now over.

Steps to get “Smart Compose” feature in Gmail

This AI-based Gmail tool is rolling out to users today.

  • Open your Gmail first.
  • Go to the gear icon in the upper right and press the “Try the new Gmail” option.
  • Go to your Gmail settings and choose the “Enable experimental access” feature on.
  • Under “General” on the Gmail settings option, scroll down to “Experimental Access”.
  • Click the box to “Enable” experimental access.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save changes.

It’s an interesting feature but it’s not entirely clear that there’s a big demand for software capable of doing 50% of the heavy lifting when crafting an email but Smart Compose might be a game-changer for Google.

Did you try this new Gmail feature yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
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