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Through this device, a smartphone can be fully charged in only 15 minutes

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Every year, the Mobile World Congress becomes the launch site of flagship devices that often go on to become best-sellers. It is also home to some very unusual gadgets and announcements. Grab your seats because a smartphone manufacturer has come forth with the claim that could potentially resolve all you battery issues.

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OPPO, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has introduced their very own battery-charging technology that can charge your smartphone from 0 to 100% in only 15 minutes. This device totally kills Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 which could charge a phone up to 80% in 35 minutes.

OPPO’s new technology, being called Super VOOC, will be compatible with micro USB and USB-C cables and will ensure low temperatures in your device using special algorithms. This is needed because such fast charging rate is bound to increase your smartphone’s internal temperature.

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There are a few catches though. The device will only work for OPPO devices. So no matter how attractive Super VOOC may seem, OPPO limits their potential consumer base with this restriction. Despite having sold 50 million smartphones last year, OPPO cannot match up to the hold Apple and Samsung have. Furthermore, Super VOOC’s fast charging only applies to phones with 2500 mAh battery. This means that larger phones and phablets won’t charge that quickly.

OPPO and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers have a large consumer-base in Asia. So we don’t really expect a lot of people to switch to OPPO just for the Super VOOC technology other than those who probably already use their products. But it does set a precedent for solving phone batteries and charging time issues.

Image Souce: PC Mag

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