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TikTok Boosts Digital-Wellbeing Awareness in Pakistan

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” Online Safety is a job that has no finish line at Tiktok”  Says  Head of APAC Regional Product Policy, Trust & Safety at TikTok

KARACHI, JUNE 14, 2021: TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos , hosted

a webinar on ‘Digital Wellbeing’ on Monday. A three-member panel comprising Jamin

Tan, Head, APAC Regional Product Policy, Trust & Safety at TikTok; Jehan Ara, Member TikTok

APAC Safety Advisory Council; and Junaid Akram, a prominent TikTok Content Creator discussed online safety as an industry -wide challenge and the efforts exerted by TikTok to create a safe and positive environment for its users. 

The webinar acted as an ideal venue to educate the TikTok community and the wider public on its Community Guidelines, safety policies and tools, in addition to its efforts to maintain the digital well-being of its community. The webinars’ agenda was not limited to safety only, as the members also used this avenue to share tips on content creation and encourage the TikTok Community in Pakistan to create more educational and thought-provoking content. 

“We have invested heavily to make sure that TikTok remains a safe platform for users. We also released  our Community Guidelines in Urdu  to bridge the gap between the users and the platform,” said Jamin Tan. “Since safety is top priority for us,  we introduced a multitude of safety controls to protect the experience of our younger users , especially the Family Pairing feature. Age gate is the first step in ensuring the right content reaches the right people,” added Jamin Tan.

“The Parental Guidelines and feature enable parents to make sure their children are consuming

safe content.  It’s good to see such responsible behavior from a platform,” said Jehan Ara.

“Since I started developing knowledgeable and creative content on TikTok, the diversity of my

audience has increased. The penetration of TikTok is so deep that it goes into the remotest areas

of Pakistan. I deliver knowledge through my comedy content and try to educate masses. It

spreads so quickly,” said content creator Junaid Akram.