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TikTok Creators Will Now be Able to Share TikTok Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Written by Techjuice Team ·  1 min read >

Meta’s social platforms, Facebook and Instagram, have had a long rivalry with short-form video application TikTok, which has been giving them hard luck for some years. Thanks to its amazing content format, TikTok, over the last few years, have been able to gather a large user base and challenge both of Meta’s social application in popularity; these clashes have then led to the makeover of Instagram, where it could be seen that the application is trying to clone its most dangerous competitor.

TikTok, on the other hand, seems to have a different strategy; the application now allows its creators to share their TikTok stories on both Facebook and Instagram. This story-sharing update is TikTok’s attempt to show more of its content on these Meta-owned platforms.

Once more and more TikTok stories are shared on these platforms, TikTok’s visibility on these platforms will largely increase thus, perfectly countering Facebook’s attempt to decrease or down-rank TikTok videos that are uploaded on its Reels section. Meta just recently advised all of its short-form video creators not to post TikTok videos on its platform, since the algorithm will look out for watermarks and once a video is found it containing one, it will not be prioritized.

This particular update by Meta was surely a strong blow to TikTok since it decreased TikTok’s influence on Facebook and Instagram, but now with this update, Meta has perfectly countered it. Reposting TikTok stories will allow creators to post their work for followers on other social networks, without worrying about a low audience engagement.

Following the update, the sharing option that shows up upon tapping your TikTok story will now include many social options allowing you to share your story wherever you want. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, users will also be able to share their TikTok stories on Reddit as well.

Please note that this new update shouldn’t be considered TikTok’s perfect strategy to still allow its watermarked content to prevail on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, this feature merely allows TikTok stories to be shared on these applications; these stories can either be static images or videos. Unless TikTok finds a way to allow creators to share complete videos on Facebook and Instagram stories, it should not be credited for having its way through Facebook’s restrictions.

Excited to use this feature, but do not have it yet? You are not the only one since it’s not confirmed when this feature will be out for all of TikTok’s user base. Another important thing to remember is that TikTok stories are currently under a global testing phase, thus no date for the complete release of this feature can be predicted.