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TikTok to launch a job recruiting feature similar to LinkedIn

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TikTok videos are increasingly composed of career advice, with the influencers sharing tips for landing internships, nailing job interviews and optimizing their resume’s with their followers. Axios has reported that TikTok is officially entering LinkedIn’s territory by pilot testing a recruitment service that will allow recruiters to find potential candidates on the platform through video introductions.

The recruiting service would exist as a separate page and feature mostly entry-level jobs, Axios said, citing unnamed sources. Recruiters had already gravitated naturally to TikTok and its 700 million users globally. Recently, the marketing agency Recruitics suggested several ways brands could find job seekers from diverse industries.

ByteDance, the Beijing-based company that owns TikTok, has revealed that the hashtag #careeradvice had attracted 80 million video views by mid-February in 2021 alone.

Video interviews are also gaining traction through companies such as HireVue, MyInterview, and Willo. If TikTok expands into job recruiting services, it can be said that video interviews will only become more popular with companies looking for Gen Z candidates.

Source: Quartz

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