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Top 3 free courses on AngularJS to polish your web developer skills

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AngularJS is a popular web framework based on JavaScript which is used to tackle many problems when a web developer is making single page applications. Aside from helping in startups, you can go for freelance jobs which require specifically AngularJS developers. It’s one of the lesser known frameworks but if you have interest in web development and would like to specialize in one specific area, AngularJS is one of the best frameworks for that.

1. Introduction to AngularJS – Microsoft on Alison

This course by Microsoft lays emphasis on why you should implement AngularJS in your current web application and different types of modules which come with this library. You will learn to write expressions and controllers etc. It’s a short course of 3 to 4 hours but you can purchase a certification to make your resume stand out!

2. AngularJS: Framework Fundamentals – edX

This course is a part of Microsoft’s Professional Program certificate for Front-End Web Development and hence you can understand its importance. You will be able to construct Angular views and implement methods to process asynchronous tasks. The course spans over 5 weeks if you spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours on it on a weekly basis. After that, you can purchase a certification for $99 if you wish to show off your skills on your resume.

3. AngularJS Masterclass – Udemy

To hone your skills even further by creating medium to complex web applications, this short course will lay emphasis on core AngularJS services, for instance, server-side interaction using Mongo Lab API or making your own custom services using the framework. It includes 6 hours of lectures so you can easily digest all the info required to perfect your skills on AngularJS.

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