Top-end Samsung Galaxy S10 could have 6 cameras

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
November 21, 2018
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Just when you thought Nokia may be overdoing it with a 5 camera Nokia 9, Recent rumors suggest the upcoming flagship from Samsung may have 6 cameras and a 6.7 inches display. This report comes from the Wall Street Journal which says the top end variant of the Galaxy S10 will bring beastly specs compared to the “regular” S10 phones and the expected launch of this phone is in Spring 2019.

There will be 4 distinct models of the upcoming flagship: first will be an entry-level flagship which we can regard as the S10 Mini which will have mid-range hardware specs and a cheaper price. Second up we have the vanilla model of the flagship which will be the successor of Galaxy S9 and then “Plus” variant to succeed the Galaxy S10. Now here is the twist, you may have been thinking that the top-end model was the Plus variant but apparently Samsung is going a step higher than that.

The first three phones will be revealed during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 whereas the top-end variant and the priciest will be announced later at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. The highlight isn’t just the 6 cameras, not only does this model have a huge display but it is also expected it will have 5G support and reverse wireless charging capability.

The camera configuration is expected to be similar to that on the Galaxy A9 which has 2 cameras on the front and 4 at the back. What are your thoughts regarding this top-end Galaxy S10?

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