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Top Islamic apps for Android and iOS

Written by Rabail Majeed ·  2 min read >
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The holy month of Ramazan is upon us and while we should always be mindful of our religious duties through out the year, Ramazan offers a unique opportunity to learn about Islam and educate oneself about matters of the soul and spirit. There is a host of useful apps on both Google Play and iTunes that can help you acquire better Islamic knowledge and learn more about fasting. In case you’re feeling just a little bit lost wondering where to start from, we have compiled a list of the best Islamic apps available on both Android and iOS.

1. Muslim Pro


Muslim Pro is one of the most widely used apps on both iOS and Android, and that too for good reason. It is a very comprehensive app that posts the mo accurate azan and namaz timings and also features a Qibla locator for when figuring out the direction is difficult. The app also has the full Quran with Arabic scripts, translations and audio recitations along with a Hijri calender and mini muslim directory with names and locations of halal restaurants and mosques.

iTunes and Google Play

2. Resala Ramadan


In case you are looking to learn the basic rules of fasting or to just brush up on them, this simple app is perfect for the job. It talks in detail about the concept and virtues of fasting in Ramazan and what is permissible or forbidden during this month.

iOS and Android

3. iQuran Lite


Chances are you already have iQuran downloaded and installed on your phone/tablet. The moment you launch this app the interface will grab your attention as being beautiful and simple at the same time. You can read the Holy Quran in Arabic with its translation (available in many different languages). You may also choose to hear audio recitations by different orators, color code Tajweed rules, bookmark specific ayah or surahs etc. iQuran Premium is now available for a fraction of its original price so upgrading it will be an excellent investment.

Available for Android and iOS

4. Scholars of Islam


This free and aesthetically pleasing app is useful for when you need to read some motivation and guidance in the form of quotes from the most learned Islamic scholars. Scholars of Islam also provides biographical information for the scholars it features along with a “Quote of the Day” feature. Any quotes that especially ring a bell with you or that you find informative can easily be saved and shared both via email and Facebook.

Download it here

5. Ramadan Diet

Ramzan Diet

Fasting does not have to mean an unjustified increase or decrease in weight and health. If done properly, fasting is beneficial for both the human body and mind. This app helps users plan their diets to lose or gain (or maintain) weight for and during Ramazan. It also features a notification system for the exercises it features that can be comfortably performed during a fast.

Get it for your iPhone or iPad here

6. Muslim kid series: Dua

Muslim Kids Series

This app is incredibly cute while being informative at the same time. Don’t cross it off your download list because of the name- while it is intended for educating a younger audience, adults too can use it to learn duas. The duas featured are for various daily occasions and special ones, such as what to recite when entering or leaving your home, passing by a graveyard, when you’re feeling angry, changing your clothes or feeling scared at night. Both the Arabic and the English translation are provided along with audio recitations in an endearing voice.

Here’s the link for iTunes and Google Play

7. Sahih Muslim (English)

Sahih Muslim (English)

Sahih Muslim (English) is a graceful collection of authentic ahadith in English which makes reading and learning on the go easier. The collection is expansive and encompasses a number of topics such as Faith, Prayers, Zakat, Marriage, Hajj etc. You don’t have to be connected to the Internet to use the app and it automatically saves your last reading position when you exit it.

Available for Android.

Written by Rabail Majeed
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