Turing CEO: “Pakistan’s Software Developers among top preferred for US Firms.”

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Pakistan Developers

Announcing in June that it would be concentrating its efforts on attracting more software developers to Pakistan as it sees the South Asian economy as a high-potential market, Turing, a company that enables businesses to hire software engineers from all over the world, said that it sees the South-East Asia region’s country as a high-potential market.

Turing places remote developers in long-term employment and hires them to work for top US-based businesses. Developers negotiate for their pay, and companies using Turing’s platform must pay a premium. As it grows in South Asia, US-based Turing is interested in Pakistan’s software experts.

Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, now listed as the Chief Technology Officer, founded Turing in 2018. According to Siddharth, Turing operates in 150 nations and has more than 1.5 million software developers using its platform. Details on its website imply that during its vetting procedure, which involves assessing soft skills, it conducts live interviews and exams lasting longer than five hours. Additionally, the number of IT programs and courses in the nation has grown, aiding many prospective developers in developing their skills: CEO of Turing.

Siddharth responded to Business Recorder, saying that “software exporting is a flourishing business generating considerable money to national economies.”
“Countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India are quickly becoming the top choices for expanding software development teams. The IT talent in these nations is a valuable resource that may open up countless prospects for the national exchequer in foreign exchange by exporting their knowledge.

Turing, according to Siddharth, was operational in Pakistan for a time but is currently actively seeking software developers.

“We are actively seeking software engineers to give developers in Pakistan access to remote employment possibilities with top US companies,” he added, noting that the country is home to a wealth of developer talent.

The CEO also stated that Pakistan’s IT sector had grown significantly recently, creating some of the world’s top software developers.


“The number of IT programs and courses in the nation has increased, which has helped many ambitious developers expand their aptitude,” he added that Pakistani programmers are equally skilled as programmers from other high-tech nations.

The portal, according to Siddharth, would assist Pakistani developers in connecting with the best US companies, bridging the gap between international and domestic markets. The number of Pakistani software developers now using Turing’s platform was not disclosed by the CEO, though.

According to him, Turing has had exceptional growth and has collected over $140 million in total from investors in its Series D fundraising round, including Stanford StartX, WestBridge Capital in the UK, Foundation Capital in the US, and executives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. More than 300 of the largest US companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Disney, Coin base, Plume, and VillageMD, have already interacted with thousands of the 1.5 million developers on Turing’s platform currently listed in 150 different countries.

Turing’s future goal is to increase its worldwide footprint by bringing on more talented developers from across the world, broaden its clientele to more prestigious US companies, and quickly scale efforts to support the professional development of its international developer community.