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Twitter Blue: Twitter’s paid version will allow users to undo and save tweets

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Undo tweets will no longer be a feat deemed impossible by Twitter users owing to an imminent subscription service that the micro-blogging site aims to introduce. Jane Manchun Wong, a famed Twitter tipster revealed. the microblogging app is planning to launch ‘Twitter Blue’ which will cost $2.99/month.


So far, there is no official confirmation about Twitter Blue and the timeline of when the subscription service will go live and become available for everyone. However, Wong has managed to present some clues for those who want to know.

Apart from the price point, Wong also revealed Twitter Blue (if it becomes a thing) will allow users to undo their tweets and create bookmark collections, a feature that remains one of the most demanded. Wong also added that Twitter is apparently working on a tiered subscription model whereby one tier will have more paid features to explore and utilize than the other ones.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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