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Twitter to Stop Forcing its ‘For You’ Timeline on Users

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  46 sec read >
Just around a month ago, Twitter released a new update that made its ‘For You’ timeline, the opening page for iOS users

Twitter has finally given in to constant criticism over its ‘For You’ timeline and has now decided to remove the ‘For You’ timeline as the default timeline on any device.

The platform first started to push the ‘For You’ timeline back in January, making it the default timeline for both mobile and web users. Users however were easily able to change and select the ‘Following’ timeline with just a single click, but the fact that they had to do this each time they open Twitter, was what bothered them.

The ‘Following’ timeline feels much better since it displays Tweets from accounts that a user follows thus allowing better socializing.

Following the criticism, Twitter first made changes in its web version and made whichever timeline a user opens last their default timeline. In this way, if a user has his ‘Following’ timeline opened when he closes Twitter, the next time he opens the platform, he will see the following timeline by default.

After receiving appreciation on the web version, Twitter has now rolled out the feature on both Android and iOS.


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