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Twitter Users Will Soon be Able to Side Swipe Through Tweets, Trends, Topics and More

“New Twitter navigation coming in Jan that allows swiping to side to switch between recommended & followed tweets, trends,...

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Jan 2 ·>
Twitter swipe feature

Some users can now shop for stuff on Twitter, thanks to this new feature

Twitter has officially rolled out a new feature for some of its users that allows them to browse through...

Jul 29 ·>

Twitter will soon release two-factor authentication for user accounts

With security and user privacy becoming a paramount requirement, many companies have been looking to improve the security part...

Mar 16 ·>

Twitter rumored to introduce an ‘undo send’ feature for users

In a recent tweet, well-known application researcher Jane Manchun Wong showed an animation that could be an upcoming feature...

Mar 5 ·>

Twitter might start charging users for special content in an attempt to drive revenue

Twitter said Thursday it plans to offer a subscription service in which users would pay for special content from...

Feb 26 ·>

Twitter announces major new upcoming features for the platform

Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has announced new upcoming features for its platform. This...

Feb 26 ·>