Twitter’s new sparkle button allows you to hide the default algorithmic feed

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
December 19, 2018
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Twitter will now allow users to switch between the latest tweets on their feed to the algorithmic feed which is tailored according to the user habits. The algorithmic feed, also known as “Top Tweets” technically shows you tweets from accounts you have most interacted with plus it also shows you tweets that you may have missed from those accounts.

These recent efforts are in line with Twitter’s bid to keep loyal users on their platform and to achieve growth in their community. Over the years they have suffered in regards to revenue and number of users but recently they have streamlined the platform either by banning users or introducing new features. With more than 259 million users internationally, Twitter has to compete with the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and others in order to stay relevant. Instagram has seen exponential growth thanks to Facebook and has over 1 billion users on the app monthly, Twitter has some tough competition to beat especially when it comes to appealing advertisers.

Twitter has stated that the Top Tweets feature has improved engagements and conversations on the platform but still, it wants to give users this option to switch to latest Tweets as and when they see fit. It should have been done long ago but hey, better late than never. Look out for an update on iOS and Android to get the sparkle button on your app.

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