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University student rusticated over a Facebook post

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University of Agriculture in Faisalabad has rusticated a gold medalist student over his criticism through a post on popular social networking website Facebook.

Syed Kashan Haider, a PhD student, received the fateful notification letter from university administration which clearly stated that he is expelled due to “defaming the university” through an inappropriate act of “indiscipline and misconduct.”

Kashan Haider, in a recent status update on social media, criticized the programs arranged in relation with Kisan Mela 2015.

According to the notice he was, “defaming university image on programs arranged in connection with Kisan Mela 2015, spreading wrong information, misleading student community on social media, showing disrespect to university and its administration, initiating an undesirable/unwanted debate about programs on social media, damaging repute and bringing bad name to university,”

University administration also asked the student to submit his point of view in front of the disciplinary committee, which later on decided to expel the student. News Channels are giving maximum coverage to this incident and letting the student share his perspective. According to Sama TV, the student was asked to vacate the hostel immediately and is banned from university premises as well.

Although, now the government (PMLN Leader Talal Chaudhry) and mainstream media is commenting on this particular incident. We have yet to see if the university will revert the decision or not.

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Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram are very popular among university students, and with the freedom to express their feelings, they can comment on activities happening at their universities, and educational institutes.

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