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Use These Apps To Surprise Your Valentine

Nuzhat Sheikh Written by Nuzhat Sheikh · 2 min read>

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and many couples would be searching ways to mark this day a memorable one. Time to do early preparations! Here we bring the list of some lovely apps that will help you surprise your partner. It’s great opportunity for people  to express affection for their loved ones and strengthen the bond. Get these easy to use handy apps and surprise your beloved in unique ways.

Spread the Love in the air!

Well of course you’ve got to be a little poetic for the moment. But don’t worry, if you’re so poor at it. What are apps for?

Love and Romance Quotes

is one cute app because it captivates you just the moment you open the app with its cool background music. The appealing red wallpaper on screen has some real nice quotes. Quite easy to use, just swipe left or right to get more quotes. Easy to send. Highly recommended!

Love Quotes

has a collection of images with simple phrases like ‘ Thank You For Existing’ or ‘ You’re my favourite daydream’. For people who sometimes feel shy to speak can get it and download as many such quoted images. How wonderful will it be when your mate would smile seeing your text or email with one such lovely quote?

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Surprise with cooking skills!

If you really want to impress your valentine, you need to cook something special for the occasion. Oh, no worries if you know nothing about cooking.

Valentine Recipes

(Rated 5.0) This one’s perfect for cook beginners to make an everlasting impression. Recipes are easy with so many sweet chocolaty titles to crave. All recipes include guidelines about Ingredients you require to make a particular dessert and thorough directions to prepare it. Check for yourself!


It’s like they ask, ‘ Kuch Meetha Hojaey?’ ( How about some sweet?) Oh yes! Celebration without desserts sounds like lacking the best part. ‘Valentines Day Recipes Cupcake’ possesses a whole bunch of craving stuff. Not just cupcake, you’ll find cookie recipes here. Moreover, mouth-watering pictures of cakes will show you exactly how to decorate one. Forget not to prepare some delicious cupcakes or cookies to appeal the taste of your beloved.

Add Music!

How about you create an ambience of deep emotions? Music is the best way you can do with.


Best source for you to find newest and fit for the moment music. You’ll find lots of variety from soothing instrumentals to love echoing verbals everything is included. Besides, you can set any of them as ringtone of your phone. Try it!


This one’s fit for the whole day. Radio Stations will keep on playing valentine songs back to back. So, you won’t miss a moment.

Don’t have mate?

Feel not bad, if you’re missing your partner. We have something for you, too.


is by far the most rated dating site where people find and connect with their matches.


counts in the same list that helps you anonymously ‘liking’ and ‘passing’ on people and see if someone you’ve liked happens to like you as well. You can connect and go ahead with your matches inside the app.

Valentines Day Special

is your special bundle for everything you might need. From ideas about presents to poems of love, wallpapers and movies  you would like to share, it holds everything. The best thing I found in it is the concept it delivers that it should not be limited to just lovers.

‘Love’ is a universal emotion and it includes every person loved by us. Be it parents, siblings, relatives, or dear ones. Every person needs to love and be loved. Have something to share with us?  We more than welcome your good comments below .

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