Use of Facebook and other social media websites banned by Pakistan Army among personnel

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January 31, 2019
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The Pakistan army has banned the use of social media website such as Twitter and Facebook among all of its personnel due to the threat of leakage of sensitive information.

General Headquarters (GHQ) issued a notification to notify all army personnel about the possible threat of breach of security via social media. GHQ further highlighted that despite several notices, evidence of circulation of “sensitive information” was found on different social media groups and pages which subsequently puts the national security at risk.

“Policy Guidelines have been issued in the past lo sensitize all ranks on the subject. However, breaches of security and violations in use of SMN apps (applications) continued,” the notification said.

The statement further said that the all active and retired military personnel must exit social media groups and pages which have any sort of military signatures or identity since these social media pages have played a major role in the widespread of sensitive information. The statement said:

“All serving Army/civilian employees and retired Army personnel or employees in other mil setups/ organizations, irrespective of rank, to exit all types of SMN-groups without exception.”

In a rather aggressive manner, the statement further directed that all such Facebook pages which have any sort of military signature must shut down their pages or face the consequences. The deadline for this was January 30th, 2019. The statement from General Headquarters (GHQ) also advised army officials to educate their families regarding the use of social media and to refrain them from excessive sharing or joining any suspicious groups.

“All ranks are responsible for educating their families to refrain from joining any SMN group having a military signature/identity. Any violation will be considered as misconduct, liable to strict disciplinary action.”

These strict steps from the army are further validated by the fact that social media in recent times has proved to be the perfect platform for cyber-theft, breach of information and cyber espionage. In times like these, a sensitive department such as the Army has to take all the necessary steps required to minimize and eventually abolish any risk of leakage of sensitive information.

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