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Valve to Release a New CSGO Version to Mark 10 Years

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
The new version of Counter Strike Global Offensive will reportedly have better graphics and more advanced matchmaking system

Valve, the creators of renowned tactical shooter ‘Counter Strike’ just announced that they will be releasing a new version of Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO). This new version of CSGO will be released to mark its 10 year anniversary.

Released in 2012, the game has been one of the most successful first person shooters and has been a great successor to the previous counter strike versions.

While there has always been rumours about a newer version of CSGO, these ones come directly from a report published by Richard Lewis, who is the journalist that correctly predicted just how a pro CSGO team deliberately lost a match in 2015.

Lewis in his report, mentioned that Valve has been working on the new version for quite some time and a beta of the new version can be expected anytime soon. Valve, to test the new CSGO version, also flew in a team of professional players, who played and tested the game in Seattle.

It’s predicted that the Beta version will be released for testing between the Counter Strike community around April 1st. Releasing this beta version will allow Valve to take up user feedback and make changes to improve the game.

Lewis’s report mentions that the new CSGO version will transition to Source 2, which is a game engine created by Valve. Built on source 2, this new version of CSGO is expected to have better graphics, 128-tick server support and even reduced latency.

Other smaller improvements have been made to improve matchmaking and reduce users dependency on third party servers.


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