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Viral Pakistani video explains how relatives abroad send us expensive phones

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  1 min read >

“Is that the latest iPhone?”
“Yes, my aunt brought it for me from America when she came last month!”
“Wow! I will ask my uncle for this too. How come people who live abroad can afford such expensive phones, for themselves as well as for us?”

Seriously, the question is “How?”. Back since the days of industrial revolution, the West took over in the race of machines and since then, the notion of “imported” has gained a lot of respect. If it isn’t from a branded company from the West, it isn’t worth it and as a lot of Pakistanis manage to make way for themselves in these countries, they are a constant source of branded expensive gifts for their relatives living here. And for that, smartphones and specifically iPhones are the new trend.

So, back to the main question, how can they afford it all? Well a new video made by some Pakistanis easily explains how all of this is possible and clears our confusion. Have a look at the video below,

Ever heard of the proverb “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? Well it turns out, money doesn’t, smartphones do! All kinds of them, Samsung’s Galaxy ones, HTCs, Motorolas and even Apple’s latest iPhones grow on trees abroad. Really, there is no discrimination and Steve Jobs will probably be rolling in his grave right now to hear this, but even an iPhone can grow on the same tree as any other Android phone.

The people who go to live abroad simply pluck them from the trees and send them to their smartphone-loving relatives back here. Don’t believe it? You can clearly see the iPhone 6S (which the man accidentally calls iPhone S6) is already growing there, right in time for Apple’s official announcement of the next iPhone on the 9th of September.

Why don’t these miraculously magical trees don’t grow in our country? Well the man out plucking the latest batch of smartphones has the perfect answer to this too, government will claim them and keep them for themselves. So now we know why we can’t afford good phones for ourselves, it’s the government’s fault basically.

Here is the link to the video.

For the ones who are going to buy this argument – It’s satire. 🙂 

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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