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These free Virtual Reality courses will give you a headstart in virtual world

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Virtual Reality is the second best segment of IT that will thrive in the future according to Gartner. It only seems fitting that we ought to learn what virtual reality is and how we can develop applications for it? International Data Corporation predicts that around 61 million VR headsets will be sold in 2020. It is the prime time we exploit this hidden potential during its growth stage.

In order to get acquainted with Virtual Reality, take a look at the two courses listed below:

1. Introduction to Virtual Reality

We are going to start at the very core of the subject. What is Virtual Reality? How does it work? This course from Udacity aims to prepare you regarding the basics of VR and its history. Only when you know the past, will you understand how exactly it’ll work. Other than that, you’ll learn regarding different platforms, orientation and tracking in a headset and using Unity to develop apps for Google Cardboard. It’ll acquaint you with basic programming and it is best for those who are just starting out. Register for the course here.

2. Virtual Reality Scenes and Objects

This course will help you create objects for your virtual reality as well as guide you regarding the creation of the environment and cinematics. You will understand essential game objects and design textures. The course will also teach you to use shaders and trigger animations. Aside from that, you will learn regarding stereo rendering and adding different lights to a game scene. In short, you will learn all the essential things which are required to create a basic VR experience. You will be using Unity for this and some basic knowledge regarding C# is essential. Register for the course here.

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