Here’s what the iPhone will look like after 30 years [Infographic]

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iPhone Concept

iPhone is 10 years old now and Apple even made an anniversary addition iPhone X to celebrate 10 years of excellence. iPhone X will launch on November 3rd and the world will finally have their hands on the latest and greatest iPhone. iPhone X pre-orders started a few days ago and it went out of stock in just under an hour. That’s how quickly it is selling. recently prepared an infographic which shows the future of iPhone by collecting the data from last 10 years. The infographic covers iPhone devices from the first ever iPhone to the iPhone 40. It graph shows how the iPhone has dramatically changed in last 10 years. It shows how it went from a 2 MP camera to a 12MP dual camera and a 7MP camera on the front. Keeping all this data in mind, an infographic has been prepared which shows how the phone will look like in next 40 years.

The price of first iPhone was $499 and it is increasing continuously. The latest iPhone 8 Plus costs $799 which is $300 more than the price of the first iPhone. The iPhone X is a special edition iPhone so we are not considering it for now. Seeing that how the prices are increasing, the infographic predicts that the iPhone 40 in 2047 will around $,1650.

The infographic also puts a light on the battery life of the phone. The original iPhone had 7 hours of talk time which is now doubled to 14 hours. So in 2047, the battery life of iPhone 40 will be 54 hours (I know its amazing). The original iPhone cold store 2,000 songs and the number has now been increased to 64,000 songs. So the iPhone 40 will be able to store 260,000 songs (Does someone really store these many songs on a phone?).

The original iPhone had 2 MP camera on the back which was incapable of making videos. The camera megapixel count is expected to go to 26 MP in 2047. The infographic also shows the features we can expect from the iPhone 40 including a 3D holographic display, inbuilt projector, and flexible displays.

Have a look at the infographic yourself.

Apple iPhone Infographic

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