What Pakistani Startups can learn from Spizzico Pizzeria Marketing Tactics

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January 8, 2015
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Online marketing strategies can intensify the offline marketing of businesses as well. These tactics, if executed correctly, can help a business build an online following, create brand awareness, connect better with potential customers a business can never probably reach out to as quick. Spizzico Pizzeria is a prime example of that.

The business is way too efficient and quick with their marketing technique on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A local pizzeria in Karachi, never fails to surprise me with their amazing graphical skills each time. They use national current affairs and trending news as the subject in their witty illustrations to grasp attention on social media. This in return offers them a huge opportunity for marketing; hence increasing revenue and strengthening customer loyalty. Pakistani Startups should observe and learn from this technique and try to come up with other different ways to build brand name using social media.

Here is a look at some of their latest images:

say_no_to_VIP_culture yad_ali_heroic


Guerrilla Marketing is a rising trend: executed appropriately, it can target segments of the market a business wants to turn on the most. Be attentive and creative and have fun with it!

Edited by: Fatima Rizwan

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