WhatsApp update to increase time limit for ‘Delete for All’

By TechJuice on
March 6, 2018
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WhatsApp has just released the next beta version of its application on Google Play’s Beta Program and there are plenty of new surprises for the application users. The latest Beta version of WhatsApp is now marked 2.18.69.

Previously WhatsApp was testing how emoticons can be forwarded to plenty of users and now in the latest beta version, WhatsApp has changed the design of a few icons.

The most interesting feature update this time around is the ‘Delete for All’. WhatsApp has realized that 7 minutes is a very short span of time for someone to realize that they have sent a message to a wrong window. Hence, WhatsApp is increasing the time limit of delete for everyone to 68 minutes and 16 seconds. 4096 seconds. This, I reckon, is more than enough to delete an accidental message in a group.

The feature is currently in test in Android Beta and if it makes way to the stable version of Android, iOS will follow suit as well.

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