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Why nobody will steal your shitty startup idea

David Ams Written by David Ams ·  41 sec read >
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1- Because nobody cares.

2- Because an idea is 1% and execution is 99%.

3- Because the same idea executed by different people will lead to totally different products/businesses.

4- Because there are no revolutionary ideas anymore.

5- Because the most successful businesses are basic ideas perfectly executed.

6- Because if you think Uber and Airbnb were first of their kind, you’re wrong. Thousands have failed with the exact same idea.

7- Because you need to focus on what really matters and work without restrictions.

8- Because you don’t have the answers, your market does. Talk out loud, go out there, become an expert, speak, network, and collect feedback.

9- Because you don’t want to tune yourself to this level of thinking, and have better things to focus on.

10- Because people you’ll interact with will never sign your shitty NDA to know more about your idea they don’t give a sh*t about in the first place.

Now, you just need to get started, hope this article helped you clean your mind from this distraction.

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Written by David Ams
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