Windows finally offers official support for ARM-based applications

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In a new breakthrough improvement, Microsoft has started accepting 64-bit ARM-based applications on its Windows application store for the Windows platforms, opening whole new possibilities for the application developers to develop applications for the wide PC range.

Microsoft, the notable tech giant, has announced that it is now going to facilitate the developers of ARM64 architecture-based applications so that they are able to develop for Microsoft’s newly introduced Windows 10 on ARM platform. The developers would now be able to create and deploy ARM64 based applications on the Windows, opening a whole new world of applications for Windows users.

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Recently, Windows had launched ARM-based Windows 10 just recently which allowed installation of Windows on ARM-based processors other than the Intel-based chips. Now, Microsoft is optimizing the software side on these platforms.

The famous code compiler for Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio (version 15.9), could be used for compiling ARM64 applications. This capability was previously limited only to 32bit applications giving developers very little workspace as the world has since then progressed to quality 64bit ARM applications.

The capability to run ARM64-based applications on Windows 10 is a manifestation of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

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