Women Allegedly Received MDH Masala Boxes After Ordering Oral-B Electric Toothbrush:Worth Rs12,000 (INR) From Amazon

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A woman received four MDH Masala Boxes instead of a $12K Oral-B electric toothbrush.
Customers have complained several times about receiving incorrect products from Amazon.

With the emergence of technology, online shopping has become very easy and convenient for everyone, especially ladies, to order something online without hassle. At the same time, it has become easier for scammers to trick people into giving away their money and information.

Though the crime rate has increased everywhere, in the same way, online scam is also taking place very rapidly. Various online crimes include fake shopping websites, advance fee scams, and phishing scams.

Due to the increasing online crime rate, one must be very vigilant while shopping online and take steps that can protect you. For instance, only make purchases from a reputable website, and avoid responding to unsolicited emails or messages.

Previously, customers have complained about receiving either fake or false parcels via delivery apps on several occasions where the purchaser claimed online retailers had tricked them.

Women Orders Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Receives MDH Masala instead

Currently, a woman ordered an Oral-B electric toothbrush from Amazon online store but faced a scam and received many spices in its place.

She got so angry, and she posted about her issue on social media, promoting others to shout out on Amazon.
According to a Twitter user, four boxes of MDH Masala were delivered to a woman instead of an Rs12K (INR) Oral-B Electric toothbrush. Later, she posted a screen image of the seller’s name along with the list of issues they have been receiving since January 2022.

However, the woman claimed that her mother clicked on the “cash on delivery” option and noticed it was strangely light.

The Woman Asked Amazon To Ban Such Sellers


She got so angry and criticized Amazon for having such sellers on its platform.”Dera Amazon, why haven’t your removed such sellers from your web page?” Though, they are making fool people for more than a year.

My mom ordered an Oral-B electric brush worth Rs12k (INR) and received four boxes of MDH Masala instead. This shows that seller MEPLTD has done this activity with dozens of customers and is very professional.

However, a user took to the comment section and highlighted, “Amazon is very slow to reply to such complaints. I’d have ordered the Apple pencil a year ago and got chopper wire bits to ball point pen instead of getting the actual order.

Afterward, I read the review and learned that the seller had sent the same wires to a few other complainants before my order. Here’s what another user wrote:

Therefore, please be aware of the scam and check your parcels before making the full payment.

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