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Xiaomi launches a smart foldable electric bike with $450 price tag

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, popular for premium quality yet very affordable gadgets has launched a smart foldable electric cycle with a price tag of $455.

Mostly suited for people not comfortable with skateboard, the cycle is foldable which will help the users in managing it well. The cycle will be launched with a mobile application to pick the speed, distance, calories burned and status of the bike. Another distinguishing feature IDbike Torque Measurement Method will help users acquire the required speed with less power consumption through paddling.

In order to be publicly available to mass user base, the cycle will first be crowdfunded inside Xiaomi’s Mi Home App. The crowdfunding campaign will decide the fate of this electric cycle. The initial price of the bike is set to be $455.

Xiaomi has been experimenting with a lot of new products lately, their most recent product was a smartphone-controlled rice cooker worth $150 and a drone 4K video model with $450 price tag.


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