Xiaomi launches new Bluetooth headphone receiver

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Chinese mobile manufacturing company Xiaomi has launched new Bluetooth headphone receiver for smartphone users. The company has been very vigilant in making and launching new products, gadgets, and mobiles for quite some time, enabling consumers to use high-tech devices. The new launched Bluetooth headphone receiver is priced at 99 yuan (around $14.56).

The company is claiming that the Bluetooth receiver once fully charged can last up to almost five hours. The receiver has a built-in clip and supports Bluetooth 4.2. The battery of the headphone receiver can be recharged using Micro USB. Moreover, the capacity of the battery is 97 mAh.

According to the company, this new headphone receiver will not support Apple’s MFi headset features.

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Moving onward, Xiaomi along with tech behemoth Apple has topped the wearables market table in Q1 of 2017. Both Apple and Xiaomi have shipped around 24.7 million wearable devices in Q1 of 2017.

Additionally, the company has recently signed a patent deal with Nokia, allowing both the companies to cross-license patents from each other.

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