Wi-Fi Alliance, SD association, JEDEC and Bluetooth SIG restores Huawei membership

Amidst the peak of US-China trade-war fueled by the media frenzy, the Wi-FI Alliance and SD association along with...

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Jun 3 · >

Bluetooth 5.1 would be able to locate you with centimeters of accuracy

The Bluetooth technology has just received a new specification update which brings a high level of accuracy in locating...

Jan 29 · >

iOS 11 secretly keeps your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on when you turn them off

We recently told you guys about some new features of iOS 11. One of the sneaky features, we missed,...

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Sep 21 · >

Xiaomi launches new Bluetooth headphone receiver

Chinese mobile manufacturing company Xiaomi has launched new Bluetooth headphone receiver for smartphone users. The company has been very...

Jul 12 · >

Bluetooth 5 all set to launch on June 16

The executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), Mark Powell, has announced that the fifth-generation of the...

Jun 10 · >