Your baby monitor could be spying on you. Security research uncovers vulnerabilities

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According to a recent finding by SecurityDetectives – an independent review site for antiviruses and other security products, a security flaw present in the baby monitors can allow cybercriminals to infiltrate a user’s video stream. The vulnerability arises out of the manufacturer’s misconfiguration of the device’s RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)

Over 100,000 cameras were prone to unauthorized access, as per the findings of the research team. If your monitor enables you to connect remotely without a password, it could be at risk. The experts recommend using strong password protection when connecting to the Internet and setting up access controls to only allow users with authorized IP addresses to connect. These measures can go a long way towards ensuring the minimization of threats and a safer environment for the kids.

The research presents a list of 4 vulnerable devices and the countries where experts came across vulnerabilities to misuse. The blog added, “ if your child attends a daycare center that live streams images to parents through the use of baby monitors, or other cameras using RTSP, these images could be unsecured and accessible to any unknown and possibly harmful person.”

The development comes in the wake of increasing online threats and privacy scandals, including the SolarWinds hack and calls for action by the US government regarding cybersecurity measures.

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